Catherine Baker

flute, instruction, & design

Client Reviews

Catherine Baker is a very special flutist! She has all of the “Flute Bases” covered. Great sound, dazzling technique, and stellar musicianship.
— Jim Walker, Former Principal Flute, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Ms. Baker is such an inspirational and talented teacher. She encouraged me to look at the big picture of my playing rather than getting stuck on the little flaws. She also helped me with all of the problems regarding tone, flexibility, and dynamics that I come to her with every week very patiently, and always made me feel happy about my playing. Most importantly, she taught me to love my sound, which helped my confidence a lot. Even though I only had the pleasure of having her as my teacher for a year, I feel like I have known her for much longer, because she has become like a friend to me. I’ve made a ton of progress with Ms. Baker, and she is one of my favorite teachers I have ever had.
— Shivani Patel, high school student
I have had the pleasure of working with Catherine Baker for two years at the Neighborhood Music School. Her primary role is as a flute teacher. Catherine not only pours musical knowledge into her students, but she instills in them a love of the instrument, and gives them a sense of confidence. I have seen her students grow in talent and ability at a pace that seems nearly unbelievable. Their smiles and pride when they have mastered a piece are some of the most heart-warming moments I’ve experienced. Catherine not only teaches, she performs, collaborating with other teaching artists to participate in our Concerts in the Parlor. She is truly gifted in her instrument. She plays with passion, beauty and emotion, drawing the audience in and sending chills down the spines of the listeners. Amazingly, Catherine’s creative gifts extend beyond music. She is a talented graphic designer, who shares her abilities with the school by designing beautiful invitations and brochures.

In all that she does, whether playing, teaching, or designing, Catherine brings a strong sense of excellence, collaboration, and creativity.
— Connie St. John, Executive Director, Neighborhood Music School
Catherine is a very talented flutist, and it shows in her teaching. She’s energetic, patient, and committed, making it a pleasure to work with her over the years.
— Cynthia Rodriguez, Program Manager, YOLA EXPO