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I have been featured in the weekly taste newsletter of The Grateful Bread as a fellow of the Texas Music Festival! My love for music and pies can be seen in the interview below.

Those of you who have received these emails from me for some time know I rarely send them out on successive days. But I am a great fan of the Immanuel and Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival & would love to have y'all attend the concert tomorrow evening. From the Festival website, here's some information:
The Immanuel and Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival was founded in 1990 to provide young professional musicians with a challenging musical environment in which to develop skills in orchestral, chamber music, and solo performance. The intensive four-week orchestral fellowship program on the University of Houston campus is guided by distinguished artists from the Moores and Shepherd schools of music faculty, principals and members of the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera and Ballet orchestras, and internationally recognized guest artists. Many TMF faculty members perform as soloists with the Festival Orchestra and as part of PERSPECTIVES (TMF's faculty chamber music series).
I had the opportunity yesterday evening to speak with another of the incredibly talented musicians, Catherine Baker. A Houston native, Catherine has her Bachelor's from the University of Houston, Masters from UT, and will be entering the two-year Graduate Certificate Program at the University of Southern California. I discovered early in our conversation that we have a common & great admiration for Doriot Anthony Dwyer, the first woman to be awarded principal chair for a major U.S. orchestra, the Boston Symphony. One of Catherine's teachers was a student of Dwyer.
Catherine is another incredibly talented musician who also loves cooking. Her specialty is pies, especially apple. We talked a bit about cooking and improvisation. She acknowledged that she was not much of an improviser. Catherine correctly pointed out that, unlike other types of cooking, baking is all about following a formula. She's also very excited about tomorrow evening's concert, Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 7 in E Minor. Catherine described it as a complicated work. It is that - I'm listening to it as I type. Please consider attending the Concert. Tickets are available online here.

Thanks, Al!