Catherine Baker

flute, instruction, & design

I guide students of many ages to play confidently while enjoying the process of creative music making. Lessons are held in a dynamic atmosphere, focusing on building the fundamental technique of the flute and/or the piccolo while also allowing the student to reach his or her full potential as a strong musician. A beautiful sound, fluid scales, interpretation, artistry, and an overall awareness of other musicians are important aspects in the journey to becoming an artist! My students have consistently competed and received honors in regional competitions. If you would like to schedule a lesson, I would love to hear from you! I will do my best in accommodating requests for lesson times.

Rates upon request, lessons vary in length depending on your needs. 


"Ms. Baker is such an inspirational and talented teacher. She encouraged me to look at the big picture of my playing rather than getting stuck on the little flaws. She also helped me with all of the problems regarding tone, flexibility, and dynamics that I come to her with every week very patiently, and always made me feel happy about my playing. Most importantly, she taught me to love my sound, which helped my confidence a lot. Even though I only had the pleasure of having her as my teacher for a year, I feel like I have known her for much longer, because she has become like a friend to me. I've made a ton of progress with Ms. Baker, and she is one of my favorite teachers I have ever had."
-Shivani Patel (high school student)                              

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